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DiscoveringTHE INNER YOU

Stress Management

Managing Your Stress

  • Are you being overwhelmed by difficulties in relationships, work-stress, time pressures?

  • Do you find yourself easily triggered, agitated, or stressed out?

  • Are your frustrations and fears interfering with your ability to enjoy life?

You are not alone. You may be joining the ranks of the “new normal.” Fortunately, positive changes can be made to decrease the stress, worry and aggravations in your life. 

Would building emotional resilience and developing more effective self-management strategies improve your situation?

If your answer is yes, I may be able to help. My name is Moraya Khan, therapist and counselor practicing in the Lower Nob Hill area of San Francisco.

My special focus is helping clients develop emotional intelligence, relational skills and self-management strategies that are vital to successfully navigating through the demanding challenges that we face today. By building these competencies, you can remove roadblocks, increase your self-confidence, better achieve your goals, and enjoy a more satisfying life.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

In our work together, you can:
  • Learn to recognize the triggers that create a downward spiral in you and in your interactions

  • Develop more effective ways of dealing with negative emotions (yours and others)

  • Learn to act and interact from your wisdom center, rather than react from past conditioning and misguided social expectations

  • Discover that innermost core in you that is wise, loving and empowered to actualize your full potential

To explore further if I am the right resource you are seeking, please contact me for a free, no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation, or send me an email.   LGBTQ clients welcome!