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Family Counseling

Is Your Family Stressed by Conflict Among Family Members? 

Conflicts such as…

  • frequent parent-child clashes
  • parenting style disagreements
  • tension with in-laws and extended family members
  • unresolved grievances between adult siblings
  • separation/divorce, remarriage/blended family challenges

Families also become challenged when a family member becomes severely depressed and/or incapacitated, gets addicted to drugs or alcohol, behaves problematically, falls ill, or dies unexpectedly.  The family is made vulnerable by the weakest link.

Help From Family Counseling

These are examples of issues that I have been assisting clients with through family counseling, helping them negotiate the difficult balance of keeping emotionally connected while respecting healthy boundaries.

Hello, my name is
  Moraya Khan, Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco. If your family suffers from these types of conflicts, perhaps I can help. 

Stressed-out families often need a skilled, unbiased intermediary to help family members step out of the box of emotional reactivity, and to help develop a larger perspective that can lead to a solution that benefits all.

Through family counseling I can help develop new skills and marshall resources of the family and its members to help the whole system respond effectively to the crisis.


Your Family Can Achieve A Greater Harmony!


To explore further if I am the right resource you are seeking, please contact me for a free, no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation, or send me an email.  LGBTQ clients and families welcome!