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Anxiety Management

Is Anxiety Running Your Life?

  • Do you suffer from runaway anxiety and worry?

  • Does habitual anxiety limit your ability to function fully and keep you from realizing your potential?

Anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is a vital aspect of our survival mechanism that warns us of danger and activates the fight-flee response to real threats. Anxiety becomes problematic when it is habitual and triggered by things other than present danger, Examples of non-dangerous provocations of anxiety are catastrophic thinking and negative predictions about the future. Prolonged anxiety releases the stress hormone cortisol, which can lead to chronic fatigue, depression, lack of energy and motivation, lowered immune responses, headaches, backaches and other aches, weight gain, and a host of other harmful health repercussions.

Help for Managing Your Anxiety

Some people have an inborn nervous temperament that predisposes them to anxiety and perpetual worry.  Anxiety can also be learned--absorbed from a frightened or frightening parent. In some instances, anxiety can result from psychological trauma. For anxiety to be definitely overcome, the CAUSE of anxiety must be explored and addressed, with the understanding that anxiety may be a defense against something deeper, and not the root problem.  Regardless of the origin, anxiety can be significantly lowered and managed through a variety of approaches such as:

  • Exploring the root cause of anxiety, and fully addressing that issue
  • Reprogramming the body to shift from the anxiety response to the relaxation response
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive approaches to identify and change distorted, negative thinking patterns
  • Learning to access inner resources such as a sense of safety and security
  • Learning to practice self-compassion and nourishing self-care
  • Practicing positive psychology that challenges the natural negative bias inherent in human nature

You Can Learn To Overcome Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, I may be able to help. My name is Moraya Khan, therapist and counselor practicing in the Lower Nob Hill area of San Francisco.

My special focus is helping clients deal with runaway anxiety, enabling them to regain control of their life.  My approach is to help you manage anxiety by uncovering unconscious scripts and re-calibrating psycho-physical-neurochemical responses back to healthy levels.  This brain “re-wiring” can be done in a relatively short period of time, using a variety of methods gathered from diverse approaches. Working as a team, we can determine which one works best for you.

To explore further how you can overcome your anxiety, please contact me for a free, no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation, or send me an emailLGBTQ clients welcome!