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DiscoveringTHE INNER YOU

Therapy for Individuals & Couples

Moraya Khan, MFT - San Francisco Therapist

  • Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship?

  • Are you often anxious, agitated, stressed out or overreacting to situations?

  • Do you suffer from unresolved trauma that comes up in unwanted ways?

Perhaps I can help. My name is Moraya Khan, Marriage & Family Therapist located in the Lower Nob Hill area in San Francisco. My Therapy for Transformation focuses in these areas:


  1. I help couples and individuals deal more effectively with emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

  2. I help you develop relationship skills that lead to more healthy, satisfying bonded connections.

  3. I help you heal from psychological trauma, so that you are no longer held hostage by the pain of the past.  This is whether the trauma is a result of a devastating incident or more chronic experiences such as childhood abuse and neglect,


To explore further if I am the right resource you are seeking, please contact me for a free, no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation, or send me an email.